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19:23 PM Sun 22 May 22

Terms & Conditions

Hello and welcome to Wanted Online Limited, trading website. The best place to buy and sell.

These terms and conditions (user agreement) are proposed to keep Wanted Online safe and secure.

  1. Terms and conditions:
    1. By becoming a registered member of Wanted Online, you agree to act in accordance with all terms and conditions. Do not use our website service if you cannot comply with these conditions.
    2. From time to time amendments may be made to the terms and conditions by Wanted Online. It is your responsibility to keep updated with these to use our website service correctly.

  2. Membership:
    1. Membership to Wanted Online is FREE.
    2. Our website services are available to, individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law.
    3. Our website services are not available to persons under 18 years of age.
    4. Our website services are not available to suspended Wanted Online members.
    5. Your Wanted Online membership is non-transferable.
    6. To register as a Wanted Online member you must enter full and accurate personal details, and update your information if it so changes.
    7. You may not have more than one membership at any time. Wanted Online reserves the right to contact you to verify any details.
    8. Your membership is for your use only. Do not disclose your details.
    9. You are to keep your username and password (login details) secret and secure.
    10. Termination of membership, or a refusal to register you can occur without warning by Wanted Online, should there be reason of obvious disregard to our terms and conditions - I.e. If complaints about your conduct from other members give cause for concern. If you pretend to be another member, or register under false names or the like.

  3. Fees:
    1. Wanted Online website charges a fee for listing an item.
    2. Current fees are listed - see Advertise page.
    3. Wanted Online may alter existing fees or introduce a new service with new fees to be effective immediately. You will be advised on the website if the changes are just temporary e.g. for a special offer.
    4. All fees quoted are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.
    5. You agree to pay all fees associated with using our service and the website and all applicable taxes.
    6. Wanted Online does not give cash refunds.

  4. Accounts:
    1. Wanted Online members will each have a credit account. Transactions such as payments for listing fees, success fees, etc must be done through your member account.
    2. Your Wanted Online account cannot be used to pay for goods or services bought or traded on this or any other website.
    3. The minimum deposit to a Wanted Online account is $10.
    4. If you terminate your membership account. Wanted Online will refund the credit balance from your account, less a handling fee of $20, which will be debited from the Wanted Online account being terminated. Wanted Online will only deposit any credit balance monies owing into a New Zealand bank account. Therefore, if your account balance is under $20 there will be no refund. Any promotional credits a member may have will not be refunded.
    5. No interest or other financial charges will be applied to Wanted Online account balances.
    6. Wanted Online reserves the right to suspend your membership, should you fail to logon to the website, for a specified time of one year and any unused balance on your account will be forfeited.

  5. Sellers Responsibilities:
    1. Listings placed on the Wanted Online website must be completed, with accuracy and kept up to date.
    2. A listing can be placed under the auction or classified process.
    3. All listings must include relevant information regarding terms of sale, payment and shipping methods.
    4. All items you list on Wanted Online must be tangible and you must be the one who has legal right to sell them.
    5. All prices quoted must be in New Zealand dollars and include GST. Sellers/Buyers responsible for any taxes.
    6. No listings are permitted for items that break any New Zealand or International law such as stolen, illegal, or dangerous goods, or anything of an offensive nature.
    7. Members cannot use Wanted Online listings to sell multiple items. A listing is for a specific item or a group of items only.
    8. You are not permitted to promote other websites within your listing, only Wanted Online.
    9. Adult rated DVD's, videos, magazines etc must be listed only in the Adult category.
    10. Once your reserve price has been met, you are obligated to complete the sale with the highest bidder.

  6. Buyers Responsibilities:
    1. If you are the highest bidder on an auction or you use the buy now function, you are obligated to complete the sale with the seller.
    2. You must pay for any purchased items promptly and in full.
    3. Bids are non-retractable, except in exceptional circumstances, so you must not bid on any item unless you intend to purchase the item you bid on, for the amount you bid.
    4. If you win an item and do not complete the sale, you may receive a negative feed back rating and if this happens on multiple occasions, you may have your Wanted Online membership suspended or terminated.

  7. General:
    1. All your activities on Wanted Online website must be made with good intentions. As you are responsible for all your actions under New Zealand law, you must agree not to cause any intentional damage to any part of Wanted Online website or its services.
    2. Wanted Online is a place for buyers and sellers of a huge range of items to meet. We are not auctioneers. Wanted Online only provides an outlet (website) for the buying and selling of items and is not involved in any part of the transaction. Once a price has been agreed on between the buyer and seller, it is up to the buyer and seller to complete the sale themselves.
    3. Listings must not have any contact details within their description, these include your phone number, email address and/or other contact details, also contact details must not be displayed in the question and answer area.
    4. You must be at least 18 years of age to access any adult categories.

  8. Disclaimer:
    1. The use of Wanted Online's services is at your own risk!
    2. All contact and transactions between Wanted Online members is at your own risk!
    3. Wanted Online is not liable for any of its member's actions or misconduct.

  9. Liability:
    1. Wanted Online tries to ensure our website works correctly, however errors and other problems may occur at any time. Wanted Online accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly result from any errors or network delays or any other problems that may occur.
    2. Wanted Online will not be liable for any lack of performance, unavailability or failure of the website, or its services, or for any failure of Wanted Online to comply with these terms and conditions.

  10. Property rights:
    1. Wanted Online Limited has the sole rights to all ownership of all that constitutes Wanted Online Limited website and services, and may not be copied or reproduced in part or wholly without permission in writing beforehand by Wanted Online Limited.

  11. Privacy:
    1. Wanted Online Limited privacy policy is to not disclose any personal information you have registered with us without your prior approval. However, should relevant authorities require it due to your serious breaching of our terms and conditions or the breaching of New Zealand law there would be an exception.
    2. Wanted Online's aim is to provide the best services for you and to assist us we may use your personal information in our research and marketing. These details will also give us verification of member's identity and how you access the website etc but will not be used further without your authorization.

  12. Law:
    1. Wanted Online Limited advises you that these terms and conditions and the use of the website and its services are determined by the laws and court procedures of New Zealand.
These terms and conditions were last updated September 1, 2005.


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